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Our Success Story

Khun Somchintana, Phorik and Daughter Chawinthorn Kamlawanit (Employees of Thai Airways)

Blastocyst Culture

This husband and wife can be regarded as the crowning example of a father and mother with the effort and determination to bring their family to perfection by having a child, although they endured many obstacles and frustration of their hopes throughout 17 years of their married life, until their minds were distraught over whether they would ever have a child. But today the Kamlawanit family id filled with happiness as they watch over the little daughter, developing by stages into a beautiful child, that they both waited for so long.

The two have been married since 1992. During the first year, when they could not achieve a pregnancy, they began going for consultations with doctors who were expert on treating the condition of infertility - to many doctors, on many occasions. They tried various methods from the most basic stage up to various procedures in combination, without success, although their physical health was normal. They spent money amounting to millions, until about the year 1997. when they took treatment with a doctor who knew the family. They almost succeeded but, when they returned for an examination they found that what had happened was an extrauterine pregnancy. The doctor said it should be terminated. They both thought that they should have a "second opinion."

"Before this we had heard of the doctor's name from friends, some of whom had had twins and triplets with this doctor" Khun Somchintana said. "We told the doctor straight that we had come for a second opinion. The docyor maintained that it was indeed an extrauterine pregnany, adding that it was in the Fallopian tube, which was very dangerous. At that stage I had been pregnant for 2 months. The doctor said that we should hurry to terminate it. We made an appointment to operate that day. We were very impressed with the doctor. The incision was small. As to pain - there was none. When the doctor said the operation was over, I could hardly believe it, because it was so quick and I could hardly feel anything.

After that, the two had an opportunity to go to hear the doctor's seminar at the Hospital, and felt impressed by the treatment of infertility by the blastocyst technology. So they began treatment with the doctor. It was done several times but without success. The reason was that the hormones were not normal. The treatment went on to the end of 2000, when it succeeded. During this fortunate pregnancy the couple set up a new house as a present for the child. At the seventh month of pregnancy it was found that the child had an abnormal heart condition. When the time came for delivery it was found that the infant had a disabling heart disease, but it was born. An operation had to be carried out, but the child opened its eyes on the world for only a few days, before passing on, to the great regret of the parents. The mother in particular suffered a breakdown and could not carry on her normal life. About 6 months later she returned to make a blastocyst again. This was done many times, but without result. The hormones were not being produced. The effort was great. Both the doctor and the many staff together put their faith in the effort, until the doctor recommended treatment to first bring this unfortunate condition back to normal. This depended on 4-5 years of medication and discipline. The husband and wife passed through this time of crisis and experienced success with the birth of another child in 2006, when the mother was about 43 years of age.

Was there anything out of the ordinary during the pregnancy?

"As I said, my hormones were not normal. After putting the little one in place the hormones had to be both applied and injected. I tried to get enough rest, not to get tense, not worry much. My health was good, until the fourth to fifth month period, when I went for a holiday in Japan. I traveled up and down for 3 days, when it turned out I was bleeding. I was scared. I hurried to phone back to consult the doctor. He told me to come back urgently. At that point it was difficult to rest on an incline. The doctor had me rest quietly. Fortunately the doctor had me bring medicine with me. Not long after the bleeding stopped. The problem was the placenta was low. I couldn't walk much."

What specially impressed you?

"Firstly, it was the doctor. He was someone who always explained things. He took devoted care of me. When he was not present the doctor in charge was nice. He made me feel as if I hadn't come for treatment; or, if he was held up on an operation, he would phone back after it was finished. All the nurses were very nice. They made me feel at ease. The day I gave bith everyone came to the natal ward to encourage me. They sounded to be celebrating. As to the cost, it did not differ much from other places, but at other places I may not have had a doctor with skill at this level to look after me. He did the ultrasonic test himself. I could talk with the doctor for as long as I needed. The ovulatory medication is expensive but, if several eggs are obtained, they may be held in reserve for several attempts.

Have you any ideas you would like to pass on to people who are interested in coming for treatment?

"Don't get nervous. Don't think too much, leave it to the doctor himself. In our group. both fellow students and coworkers, there are children from Dr. Thongthit. They all think that children who are born in this way will be intelligent, because they are chosen from eggs and seeds that are strong, which produce perfect embryos ready to be put back in place. This is what I recomment to many couples likewise."

"Though in the past I was disappointed many times, yet I am happy. Life holds out hope all the time. This teaching helps us a lot" Khun Somchintana concluded in good spirits

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